Traffic Monitor - Privacy policy

This application collects statistics and measurements to determine the quality, utilization, speed, and stability of cellular and WiFi networks and services.

The network and device measurements that this application is designed for do not require personal information. This means, we do not log personal information or any content of your communications. All measured data is anonymized and encrypted by the application before it is sent to our server.

In this context, the following information is collected:

When we measure the items above related to coverage and usage, we know your rough location from the phone mast or Wi-Fi hot spot your phone is using. When your phone or one of your apps is using GPS location data, we use that to assess location more precisely and sometimes speed if available with GPS information. This enables us to identify areas of weak coverage and determine whether poor performance might be caused by movement.

We share the measured statistics with our partners to help them to continuously improve the quality and performance of mobile networks and services.

You can disable the collection of any measurements at any time by uninstalling the application.