Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, and share your personal data when you use the application Traffic Monitor and how we use personal data collected through this app. It is intended to inform you about our privacy practices and the underlying data collection purposes and further processing of personal data.

Traffic Monitor collects statistics and measurements to determine the quality, utilization, speed, and stability of cellular and WiFi networks and services.

What information we collect

Coverage, connectivity and data usage

Information about network connectivity and quality for phone calls, internet and data services as experienced by you, as well as statistics about how much your device uses internet services and consumes data, such as:


Statistics about applications on your devices, such as:

Device information

Technical information about your device, such as:

Location information

Location data is captured to locate the events listed in Coverage, connectivity and data usage. The app does not actively request location for those passive measurements. The most recent known location of the device is used.

As part of the Usage Map feature the app might actively request location information also if the app is in background. All data collected to support this feature is only stored on the device and not transmitted to the server.

What information we don’t collect

We understand that some of the information we collect may be seen as sensitive. Therefore, we have designed the app to reduce the sensitivity of the collected information. For example, we do not collect information about:

For how long do you keep my data?

Detailed information about the quality and use of your connectivity services, location and apps is kept no longer than 14 months after it has been collected.

Data protection

We take certain measures to protect personal data collected through Traffic Monitor against loss, theft, and unauthorized access, use, disclosure, destruction or modification. These include physical, technological and administrative measures. All measured data is anonymized and encrypted by the application before it is securely sent to our server.

How we use this information (purpose of data collection)

We share the measured statistics with our partners to help them to continuously improve the quality and performance of their mobile networks and services. They use the collected information to diagnose connectivity, coverage or connection quality problems, understand connectivity needs from the usage of mobile data, Wi-Fi and apps, and use such insights to make improvements to their network and services.

This may include, for example:

Personal or sensitive data which might be shared with our partners on an anonymized or aggregated level:

What choices do you have?

You can disable the collection of any measurements at any time by uninstalling the application.